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The Chair Doctor
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Specialist repair & refurbishment of posture, nursing and riser recliner chairs

Do you have a chair that you currently cannot use due to broken castor, ripped or dirty upholstery or a motor mechanism that no longer works?

  • Bring it back to life at a fraction of the price of buying a new replacement.
  • A fast and efficient service to repair or refurbish your existing posture, nursing and raiser/recliner chairs. We use a range of parts, both new and refurbished, soured directly from the chair manufactures or local suppliers, to meet your budgetary needs.
  • We can give you a free, no obligation quote to get your chair back in service.
  • We currently carry out this work for the NHS, Social Services, residential care and nursing homes, supported living services and individual clients and their families.


Mechanical Repairs


Electrical repairs





Cleaning, servicing, disposal & recycling


  • castors and wheels
  • tilt-in-space levers, cables and gas pistons
  • broken frames, leg-resets and footplates
  • screws, bolts and fittings
  • frame repairs, welding, metal fabrication, rust treatments and paintwork touch-ups



  • handsets
  • charging units
  • control boxes
  • transformers
  • power leads
  • motors and actuators
  • batteries


  • Repairs to small tears or rips
  • Re-upholster or replacement sections for chairs including arms, backs, seat modules and footplate covers
  • Total chair re-upholstery by local expert upholsterers or the original manufacturer


  • On-site cleaning and anti-bacterial wipe down of chairs, including frames
  • Spray-extraction cleaning and suction processes
  • Check service and regular inspections/audits of chairs
  • Removal and environmentally responsible disposal and recycling of unwanted chairs.


We are suppliers for the leading UK chair manufactures and our work is guaranteed.

As dealers for most of the major suppliers, our work is backed by using authorised parts from manufacturers like Kirton, Primacare, AJ Way, Repose, Careflex & Tente

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