Mobility Equipment Hire Oldham

Mobility Equipment Hire Oldham

Mobility Equipment Hire has been developed with great thought and care over many years at The Care Team Mobility Equipment Hire Manchester. We now believe it is one of the most important services we provide.  The four main reasons why we hire equipment out:

1 Trial and test mobility equipment prior to purchase

Equipment hire for a four week period is invaluable it allows the potential user to trial the equipment as they may use it in their own environment and without any pressure to decide whether the equipment is truly of help to them or those that care for them.

So many conditions are not constant in the way they can effect someone over a 24 hour period or week to week, so over a four week trial period the person may experience both good and bad days enabling them a true assessment that can take place in their own environment and evidence gathered over the period of four weeks. If any problems occur with the equipment it then can be reviewed and evaluated by of the Care Team OTs and the equipment altered or exchanged at no further cost.

2 Quick Response to needs

By hiring for example, a chair we can often respond by delivering the same or following day to that of the assessment or request which speeds up hospital discharge or avoids a crisis. We don’t need to be concerned with specifics such as colour or style which can be dealt with at a later date during the 4 week hire period.

3 Short term needs

Often equipment is only needed for a short period of time and it is uneconomical for purchase to be considered. This may occur in happy situations where equipment is needed for a holiday or respite care but equally we hire equipment our for short term use where sadly it may be for end of life care in the community.

4 Changing needs

There are situations where conditions can change quite quickly for both better and worse so again it is not economical to purchase equipment. If a client is improving following a stroke for example they may progress from needing a tilt in space chair to a riser recliner over a 6 week period so hire becomes an ideal option. Similarity the opposite can in conditions which have a fast deterioration associated with them.

As with all Care Team Services our Occupational Therapists will happily advise you on which direction to take depending on your specific circumstances.

Charges for hire

We do charge for the equipment hire but if the equipment on site is purchased at the end of the 4 week hire period, the hire fee paid to date associated with that actual piece of equipment would be deducted from the purchase price. Please note this does include the delivery charges. We do not charge extra for exchanging or adapting he equipment during the hire period if it is not suitable.

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