Electric Beds

Electric Beds

Electric beds can be adjusted into various positions to make sleeping more comfortable and also help with getting in and out of bed.  Some medical conditions require you to sleep in certain positions and an adjustable bed may be able to help.

Adjustable height and profiling beds can be adjusted to change the height of the bed, making it easier for you to get on and off easier whilst the profiling option allows you to alter the position that affords the best level of comfort, whether sleeping, reading or watching the television.

The beds come in set standard sizes and we use either pocket sprung or pressure relief foam mattresses.  Either style of mattress can be fitted with a waterproof protector if required.  Regular fitted sheets are recommended to be used as they fit snugly when the bed is raised at the head and foot ends, an ordinary flat sheet would become ‘baggy’ and ‘rucked’ when the bed is used.

 For more information or advice about Profiling Electric Beds by The Care Team Manchester Contact us or call:  01617467566

Electric bed categories

Electric beds fall into 2 categories, hospital and domestic, both having potential positive applications but equally both having limitations .We strongly recommend an initial assessment by one of our Occupational Therapists at an early stage if such a bed is being considered.

Hospital Electric Beds

Hospital Electric beds tend to be clinical in appearance and are designed to be functional,sturdy,mobile and easily cleaned.They always have a profiling action with individual control of the head and foot motors in addition to the vertical high/low or low/high facility .These movements assist with transfers on and off the bed and also make life easier and safer for carers of different heights.

Hospital beds usually have an option of cot sides and bed levers to assist with patient safety and or transfers.The high low facility also makes them very compatible with a variety of manual handling devices such as hoists,standaids and turnaids

Bed sizes are commonly 3ft wide with weight limits approx 20 stone but 4ft is possible with a greater weight capacity Application, Such beds can be of great help to many conditions at various stages,however equally there are occasions when an electric bed is not the solution to a set of problems.We strongly recommend you contact us and let one of our Occupational therapists discuss your individual case and let us advise you on what step to take next.

Domestic Electric Beds

Unfortunately we no longer supply Domestic Electric Beds.


For use with electric beds we do recommend the use of foam based mattresses rather than pocket sprung which don’t follow the contour of a profiling bed very well.

Options are:

  • medium or high risk pressure relief
  • waterproof or non waterproof

For more information or advice about Electric Beds by the care Team Manchester    Contact us  or call : 01617 467566

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